About Brandt

Southern California native, Brandt Peters is an internationally recognized, award winning self-taught artist specializing in environmental world building as well as toy, character, and animation design. He has worked with clients and collaborators such as Warner Brothers, Spyglass Entertainment (MGM), DC Comics, Kidrobot, Realhead, JWT, and Meow Wolf.

With a decade of over 100+ toy designs to his name + extensive domestic & International fine art exhibition history, he has commanded the attention of the contemporary toy design industry and fine art gallery circuit. As a fine arts curator, he helped produce the “Monsters and Misfits” museum exhibition series in Takayama and Tokyo, Japan.

He currently co-owns and helps operate the artist editions and collaborative workshop Studio: Circus Posterus Inc with his partner/colleague and wife Kathie Olivas as well as their flagship gallery and designer toy store: Stranger Factory in Algodones, New Mexico. His fine art work combines his love of vintage pop ephemera and old timey animation with surreal and otherworldly oddities.